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I have lived by the Feather River in Northern California for many years. When the spillway “incident” happened at the Oroville Dam in February of 2017,  I became much more interested in the history of the Feather River. Since then, I have decided to more or less “specialize” in the Feather River. That is leading me down a very interesting path of learning about lakes, rivers, dams, levees, and other parts of the amazing water systems that make up the California Water Project.

The header photo above was taken from a postcard in my personal collection showing the early days of the Edward Hyatt Power Plant at the Oroville Dam.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Your videos are very informative. Mostly you’ve dealt with the history of the dam. Are you able to research the prsent reconstruction plan. I’m mystified by what i see going on during the reconstruction. Exactly what are they doing and why are they doing it?

    • Thank you, Internet Privacy Advocate! I really like doing documentary-type videos. It is difficult to find facts for the reconstruction operations because DWR and its overseers, consultants, and contractors change course so often. Moreover, there is information that is not shared with the public. That results in the reporting of the events being subjective and speculative. I will give your question a great deal of thought, but the answer to what and why, when it comes to DWR, is elusive.

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